Mark Samsonovich, Mike Lee, Heather Keton – Curating by Max Schwartzapfel

Opening Reception:
 Thursday December 8th, 6PM to 8PM

Here’s the deald – Curating by Max Schwartzapfel

Mark Samsonovich  is an artist usually working in large format and in public spaces. He has been profiled by Vice Mag, Nylon Mag, The Verge, Public Radio Canada, and is most known for his work “Water the Flowers” which is one of the most shared pieces of art of the social media age, having reached over 40 million people to date.

Heather Keton  has been painting since childhood, when she was gifted a class in landscape oil painting and realized that combining birch trees and fireworks makes people uncomfortable. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she focused on writing, bookmaking and experimental lithography. Her return to painting began as a break from her typewriter 16 years ago. She has since exhibited in Chicago, Portland OR, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn.

Keton’s compositions of amorphous textured shapes and sweeping, passive-aggressive lines utilize individually limited palettes with contrast as the catalyst. All of the paintings are large squares or rectangles and all are painted with oil and galkyd using knives and brushes.

Mike Lee As beautiful as pencils can be, there are limitations to the medium. The one thing I could never achieve was the full range of values. Graphite can only go so dark, and so no matter how much pressure I applied, I would hit a wall. I decided not to limit myself and see how my work would translate using other mediums such as ball point pens, inks, acrylics, oils and as well as various surfaces. As far as color, I’m definitely not opposed to it. I think i’m just waiting for a strong concept before getting into it.

Curating by Max Schwartzapfel