Janusz Gilewicz, Bret Roberts and Michael Ricardo Andreev : VISAGE


Closing Reception: Thursday February 9, 2017 , 6PM to 9PM


Private View: Wednesday February 1, 2017 , 4PM to 6PM
Opening Reception: Friday February 3, 2017 , 6PM to 9PM

Press Release: Visage

Janusz Gilewicz is known as the world’s “Most Famous Unknown Artist”.  Janusz is a Renaissance master painter and trend-breaking innovator in the visual art world. In over five decades of creation and discovery, Janusz has pushed the boundaries of his classical education to develop his own techniques for painting on alternative surfaces: goose feathers, leather apparel,  the “living hologram”, and the first to create 3-D Koi fish ponds on walkable floors. Janusz has painted for Saint John Paul II, Prime Ministers, Rock Stars, and countless luminaries and in Manhattan’s lower east side, he created the world’s largest 3-D mural.  In his words, “Taste Matters”.

Bret Roberts: Alaskan born painter, poet, musician, actor and filmmaker comes from a tradition of painters, namely his grandfather Erling Roberts, a master in oils from the UK.  Bret is a global artist, having produced 11 feature length films and recently gaining best actor nods from multiple festivals for his leading role in “The Alcoholist”, directed by Lucas Pavetto(ITA). Bret has exposed three times recently in Montpellier, France, New Orleans, and with Janusz Gilewicz last October in NYC. Bret is currently writing a new screenplay with Gilewicz and his book of poetry “The American Poet is Dead” which is going to print this spring.

Michael Ricardo Andreev: At three months old Michael moved to Jamaica(the country) where he lived for 16 years before returning to New York City. Growing up in Jamaica surrounded by nature has helped develop not only his views on the world and people but also, views on texture, color, and composition. His artistic influences include Anselm Kiefer, Robert Motherwell, Gerdhard Richter and Franz Kline. Each of these artists in their way sought the common ground between western-style intellectualism and eastern-style spiritualism, as well as the intersection of abstraction and representation in painting. The abstract forms that emerge as dark silhouettes from his wood and metal panels express a conceptual landscape of symbolic patterns.

Michael Ricardo paintings have been received by collectors such as actress Susan Sarandon, Billy Corgan(Smashing Pumpkins) and Michael Stipe(REM), along with work shown at the Whitney Museum and private collections.

On View Until: Wednesday, February 5, 2017