ARTIFACTS – Group Exhibition, Curated by Diego Ponce, December 5th – 13th, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 7th, 2017: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Guest DJs: Ramón Rik Singley, Roger Rothstein & Diego Ponce

ARTIFACTS | Group Show

Artists: Jinane Ennasri, Roger Rothstein, Scott Troxel, Dara Campbell, Kristin Hart, Broderick Price, Ramón Rik Singley, Morgan Lee, Erinn Springer, Glen Gauthier, Joaquin Croaxtto, Nicholas Fritz

One Art Space presents ‘Artifacts‘, a group show of contemporary collage, painting, and photography curated by Diego Ponce.

The artists in this show are linked by their interest in the ephemera and residue created by the movement of human life and history, and the need to use art as a tool and a process and to understand our present world.

Roger Rothstein investigates post-modern anxiety and detachment through creating haunting hand-constructed collages that form their own isolated world. Historical ephemera is the material of Glenn Gauthier’s collages, rearranging and re-combining fragmented artifacts from the past with his own memories and imagination. Ramón Rik Singley’s delicate black and white portraits allude to historical immigration to the United States. Morgan Lee also explores the relationship between past and present, beautifully re-coloring and re-contextualizing portraits of men and women marginalized by history.

Broderick Price creates complex experimental paintings using commercial paint swatches to create strange landscapes that are somewhere between a real and an imagined world. Joaquin Croxatto’s hyper-stylized portraits use strict and intricate geometric patterns of color relations to explore the poetic world of super-digital culture. Scott Troxel’s wood collages deconstruct and reconstruct the world around us into dynamic abstract compositions using re-purposed materials.

From pawn shop lines to silent city buses, Dara Campbell explores light and shadow in her elegant black and white images. Nicholas Fritz finds gorgeously coloured, panoramic vistas in sunlit, derelict houses and the rubble of abandoned bedrooms. Kristin Hart shoots poetic desert landscapes that are uncannily emptied out of human life, whilst Jinane Ennasri captures timeless moments of human quiet and introspection amidst the iconic architecture of world cities. In Erinn Springer’s vivid, tender photographic documentation of her journeys around the globe a nude woman is captured swimming to her companion under dark water, whilst in another image an unsmiling girl sits hunched against a corner, hooded by the golden foil blanket that protects her.

All artifacts of our world.

On View Until: December 13th, 2017: 11:30 PM to 5:00 PM