Nina Torres Fine Arts | Pranav Shah – Solo Show, June 4-16, 2018

Nina Torres Fine Arts |  Pranav Shah – Solo Show
Private reception: Tuesday, June 5, 2018, from 6-9pm,

To release the fluidity of colors by using brushes rather smoothly, and creating a certain musicality on canvasses, seems to be the hallmark of Pranav’s paintings. There are light, glow and a sense of lightness of being in his works. Done mostly in a monochromatic manner, his paintings are able to simmer down our anxieties and apprehensions and impart a feeling of serenity within us, and we are emotively drawn to them in an instant.

The brightness of the colors seen under the sunny Indian sky, gets reflected here, in the same way, it got reflected in the rich tradition of Indian miniature paintings; but the similarity or affinity ends here and we rejoice in Pranav shah’s paintings singularly. A certain feel for space and it’s correlation to the colors is apparent.

To let the color speak for itself without making any formal or structural design so to say is never easy, but that is what Pranav is inspired to do and he succeeds in this endeavor. There are imaginative suggestions of vistas, blue sky, and watery surfaces and one can even find traces of the memories from the outer walls of Ajanta caves, where centuries ago Buddhist monks did wonderful paintings.

Each painting here opens a new chapter of color synergy and engrosses us to the core to be with this synergy. It sensitively takes us on a journey which becomes explorative at every stage. There is no hide and seek of ideas or narratives, everything is momentous and of a certain realization each time.

To define these canvasses with any art history references or to contextualize them in any specific abstract perspectives, seems unwarranted, as with their open-ended approach they stand for themselves. But there is no denying of the fact that these have resonances of paths treaded by artists earlier as well in the field of abstraction. He himself mentions the name of known German artist Gerhard Richter as an inspirational figure. But Pranav with an unrelenting explorative approach brings a freshness to his works in the mode of abstraction, which can be cherished.


nina-pictureAbout the curator: For over 20 years Nina Torres has been actively participating in the International Modern and Contemporary Art Market.  Nina specializes in Latin American Art and Mexican Culture. During her career, she has created, developed and implemented successful art and cultural programs for corporate, government and private organizations.

Nina has curated and overseen hundreds of exhibitions in galleries, art shows and museums around the world including Dubai, Monaco, London, New York, Miami, Mexico, Brussels, France, Thailand, Singapore,  China and the USA. Upcoming projects with South Korea, Austria, Portugal, Marbella, and Barcelona. She negotiated and sold works of art for many Latin American Masters including Frida Khalo, Carlos Merida, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Remedios Varo, Francisco Zuñiga & created the inaugural auction of renowned artist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Nina Torres is the founder and director of the Miami River Art Fair, the first waterfront art fair during Art Basel Miami week.

Nina has been featured in several newspapers and magazine as Art Bahrain, Brickell Magazine, Art Bodega, The Best of Miami in Miami Today, The Miami Herald and E.20.20 Emprendedores by Miami Diario among others.