“ALL IN BETWEEN” – Photography Group Exhibition, September 20th, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 20th from 6-9 PM, 2018

John Mazlish,  Ramón Rick Singley,  Svetlana Jovanovic,  Dara Campbell,  Dina Shirin, Fernando Espinosa,  Giles Ashford,
Carlos Andres Varela, Marzia Gamba, Doug Kofsky, Debbie Dickinson, Jaime Paez, Christopher Scalzi, John Poblocki and Hannah Harley.

Panel Discussion: Friday, September 21st, 6-8 PM, at One Art Space

 Contemporary photography in a digital society:
Ramón Rick Singley, John Mazlish, Marzia Gamba, Doug Kofsky, Pierre Sherman & Christopher Scalzi
Moderator: Debbie Dickinson


‘All in Between’ is an exhibition featuring the work of twelve different artists who use photography as an artistic medium. In a world so highly saturated with images, the need to consider what photography we can call art, both in its medium and production, has become urgent and imperative. In the last 30 years, the photograph itself has undergone the most dramatic aesthetic and technological change since its invention. These changes have occurred many times for commercial rather than artistic reasons. Many photographers must, therefore, dualize their production, motivated by the demands of the medium and the mass production of imagery in the twenty-first century.

‘All in Between’ captures a moment in our time. This group of artists are connected by their visions, colors, their passions, and dreams, their desire to continue making art whilst living through (and sometimes against) the extreme changes of nature and of society. It is a moment in the history of humanity. Chaos has many times almost sterilized the beauty of the natural image, and yet simple beauty can still be captured with an instrument: the camera.

Each artist considers Nature as an entity as well as its connection to human nature; two slopes of the same pattern, two roots that connect to the same tree. The work portrays the primary beauty of each subject or landscape with a poetic gaze, a re-encounter with the sensibility of the image” In Situ”, the unprejudiced exercise of the pleasure of capturing the ‘moment’ of the inner being.

This group has a final thing in common: a tremendous skill and technical knowledge. Many of the photographers in this exhibition have not come through art schools or academic training. Most have discovered photography through accident or necessity, and have developed their skills through work, developing their artistic sensibility through discipline and invention.

‘All in Between’ asks questions about where photography is in 2018, whilst at the same time celebrating the beauty, poetry, diversity, and romance of photography as an artistic medium and the photographer as an artist.

Diego Ponce

On View Until: Monday, September 24th

“ALL IN BETWEEN” | A photography group Exhibition