“Septemberfest” – Curated by Sophocles and Le Vey, September 15th, 2018

Opening Reception:  Saturday, September 15th from 6-9 PM

“Septemberfest” | Pop Up Exhibition Curated by Sophocles and Le Vey

Artists: Sophocles Plokamakis, Le Vey, Oriel, Lady JDay, Brian Cannady, Chun Park, Paul Mok, Arielle Wilkins, Victoria Nieto, Rodney Guerra, Ashley Supreme, Denis Kavvadias, Dan Jay, Thais Coelho, Erica Wiltz, Lee Geuryung, Kendall Boyda, Philip Marks, FunQest, Ron Goblyn, David Liberatore, Marcelo Goycochea, Blair Kerr, Skio Ding, Amber Ma, Naomi Arroyo, Paul Gibson, Claudine Cox, Andrea Caballero, Klay-James Enos, Justin Tinger, Eleni Giagkos, Katerina Tournas, Paul Renna, Taya Naumovich, Maria Claremont, Chrystal Copland.

Septemberfest is an art show that was created to give artists a chance to exhibit their work who otherwise might not have had a chance to do so. It is a multi-medium art show displaying drawings, paintings, collage, prints, photography and handmade jewelry by over 30 artists.

Participating Vendors: Sophocles Plokamakis, Elizabeth Maille, Jackie Stanley, Claudine Cox, Farjana Yasmin

We are two SVA alumni, Sophocles (BFA Cartooning; 2011) and Le Vey (BFA Fine Arts; 2014). We curate pop up art exhibitions to give artists, art students, and the SVA community the opportunity to network, exhibit and sell their work in great venues throughout NYC. Our mission is to build a community of unrepresented local and international artists of all levels. We want to invite them to exhibit their work at our events.

Sophocles is a Queens-based published cartoonist, illustrator, and curator whose main mediums are Japanese fude pens and markers. Sophocles creates Metro Manga (Subway Comics), a hybrid of comic and fine art, in the Subway systems around the world. He captures candid portraits of real people, they are the characters in his manga. Each panel in his comics tells its own Subway Story. He is currently working on a book cataloging 7 years of his Subway art from NYC and Japan.

Connect with Sophocles
Instagram: @sophocles.art

Le Vey is an NYC based conceptual artist and curator who works with found photography and appropriated images. Le Vey’s work often incorporates gestural abstraction, animation, and collage. Underlying themes include the investigation of power, status, and influence.

Connect with Le Vey
Instagram: @leveyofficial

On View only:  Saturday, September 15th from 6-9 PM