“Body Language”- Miroslava Romanova and Dasha Kandinsky

Opening ReceptionThursday, October 18th from 6-9 PM, 2018

One Art Space gallery is pleased to present Body Language, an exhibition of new works by Miroslava Romanova and Dasha S. Kandinsky.

“Consuming is our new religion Sexuality is our new religion,” writes Dasha S. Kandinsky. In Body Language, the two artists will explore these provocative, unsettling and urgent themes. Has the living body become merely a vessel for hyper-capitalism? Have mysticism and eroticism been reduced to violence and slavishness in a quest for fanatical, secular perfectionism? Not content with reaching for simplistic answers, each artist instead uses her unique visual style and richness of imagination to challenge us to be unsettled and to question our habits of seeing and thinking.

The paintings of Miroslava Romanova (b. Ukraine, 1990) depict bodies that seem both pathologized and eroticized, neither wholly living nor wholly dead. Romanova credits her childhood days spent engrossed in her uncle’s medical library for her deep interest in disease and injury rather than the perfected body. Her figures are naked, twisted; sometimes dismembered, un-gendered, sometimes accompanied by human skulls or streaks of blood-like ink. Their eye sockets, if they have them, are emptied. And yet they are not passive victims; the artists minimalistic, animate ink lines show them still reaching, posing, hoping, offering themselves. One work includes the slogan ‘I will live forever’. Is this the surrender of the body to ceaseless, rapacious consumption, or is this the surrendering bliss of prayer? Are they prisoners, or free? Romanova explores the disturbing eroticism, violence, and complicity of consumption.

Dasha S. Kandinsky (b. Kiev, 1985) paints the products and weapons of consumerism, what attacks and mutates and transforms the body. Hand grenades are shown as large as religious icons, glistening and hyper-real in the synthetic, aesthetic colors of advertising. Look closer and see that they are studded with familiar symbols, logos, and slogans; Royal insignia, Facebook, dollar signs, national anthems. Kandinsky builds on the work of her late father, Pop-artist Anton S. Kandinsky, and his use of ‘Gemism’, the practice of depicting realistic images of gemstones in paintings, creating an ironic distancing effect in political commentaries. The gems that encrust the grenades make them more costly as consumer products and more destructive to the body. Do we pray for deliverance from what can destroy us, or should we worship and blindly submit to its all-consuming power?

Powerfully exploring eroticism, mysticism, religion, and politics, Body Language juxtaposes the work of two fascinating contemporary artists and offers a gripping and unflinching examination of some of the most imperative questions of our time.


miroslavaMiroslava Romanova was born in Ukraine, in 1990. She studied at the Academy of Art in Saint Petersburg and the New York Academy of art. She received an MA from the Saint Petersburg Academy of art 2015. Romanova lives and works in New York City.  From an early age, she showed an interest in drawing – a passion, which her mother supported by enrolling her in art school by the age of seven. As a child, Romanova used to peruse her uncle’s medicine library. Partial to the illustrated pathology books, she was fascinated by the images of disease and injury and was deeply interested in medicine and anatomy.

She finds inspiration in German expressionists, Renaissance painters, and Gothic artists. All of her art is erotically charged.  Anyone seeking to learn more about Romanova should attentively peer at her works and from there seek to recognize who she is and what she is about.  A firm believer that art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics, Romanova considers herself a citizen of the world – one that doesn’t subscribe to labels, and who is committed to the belief that art is a process where in which imagination collaborates with memory.

kandinsky-HOMEDasha S.Kandinsky  Was born in Kiev to a family of artists a year before the tragic event of the Chernobyl explosion. Her father, Anton S. Kandinsky, (the descendant of Vasily Kandinsky) was a well-known post soviet Pop Artist. He lived and worked in New York, where he rose to fame after developing his signature art style known as ‘Gemism’. He passed away in His studio in Manhattan in 2014.

Nowadays Dasha continues increasing and enriching her father’s style as well as her own art style, which she calls academicism. She believes that " a work of art should be syncretic” and therefore, uses an academic manner as the foundation for her artwork. It is complete only when it contains both myths (non-verbal philosophy), and aesthetics. She combines mystical expressionism, naked sexuality, and symbolic mythology. In her work, she combines the " raw and hot flesh" of the Paint with the cold heart of her gemstones to create a work of art which is supplemented by both mythology, and aesthetic.