“THE JOURNEY” – Mark Anthony Hill, Oct 10th – 15th 2018


Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11th from 6-9 PM, 2018

Mark-Anthony-Hill-portrait-newAfter some time away from art, Hill ferociously returned to painting in September 2017. His return to painting exhibits a new found determination and courage. His new paintings are urgent, powerful and at times confrontational. Hill cites Pablo Picasso as one of his influences as well as Valente Malangatana Ngwenga and Wilfredo Lam. Hill’s tours with the Olympic team allowed him to view works of art in the great museums of Europe. This includes the Trocadero museum in Paris, which is where Picasso found the inspiration to create  Demosoiselles d’Avigno (a work that changed the world of art).

Hill has described his creative journey as a deliberate ‘improvised revision’. He draws on both African visual culture and twentieth-century European cubism. This blend creates a new and vital interpretation for the twenty-first century. ‘I go where the art leads’, says Hill. This new interpretation is apparent in many of the paintings on view at One Art Space.  When producing these works, the artist paints in a storage unit that allows only thirty percent of light to pass through. Hill writes, ‘It makes my work brighter when exhibited in the natural light’. Through this journey between shadow and light, colors and forms emerge that are vivid but shifting, never still. The artist himself does not see what he has created until the painting emerges from the darkness of the studio. Human figures, shapes, eyes, monsters contort and loom and move in the darkness around the women Hill paints. It is unclear whether she is inviting them, conjuring them or fighting with them. The painting seems to move and deepen before the viewer’s eyes.

Mr. Hill is an artist who has lived many lives. He investigates many perspectives through his art, never remaining in one place long enough to be defined. The paintings exhibited at One Art Space will give the viewer a powerful insight into the restless, questing energy of his journey and his rich, unique vision.

Pictures byRamón Rick Singley,