DECEMBERFEST- Is a 60+ Artist Show, December 1st, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 1st, 2018: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Curating by: Sophocles and Oriel

Sophocles makes what he calls Metro Manga (Subway Comics) every time he rides the subway. On his portable drawing pad, Sophocles captures portraits of real New Yorkers as they commute and makes up fictional Subway Stories to go along with them. He uses a Fude Pen (calligraphy brush pen) to draw comics on white paper and a Uniball Signo white pen to draw manga on black paper. In October 2018 Sophocles took his Metro Manga to the next level by making acrylic paintings on canvas.

Sophocles is a published author, illustrator, cartoonist, fine artist, curator and art teacher. He self-published his books Subway Stories and Sounds of the Subway. He has taught art classes in afterschool programs in NYC and currently teaches cartooning and manga (comics) in Manhattan. He has curated shows in Astoria Queens and this is the second group show he has curated at One Art Space.

You can see Sophocles’ art on Instagram and see more of his Cartoons, Comics, Illustrations and paintings on his website

Oriel’s technique involves sketching and painting in a semi-realism style mixed with expressionist and impressionist elements. He also employs bright colors, text, symbolic references, and a childlike painting style which leaves negative (white) spaces in his artwork. Oriel’s favorite mediums to use are acrylic, gouache, and oil, but he also experiments with others such as ink, markers, pastels, etc. as for surfaces, he enjoys painting on canvas, paper, and wood.

Oriel Ceballos was born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, NY, since the age of seven. He remembers casually drawing and painting as a child and enthusiastically engaging in the arts throughout his school years. However, Oriel did not think of becoming an artist until age 29.

To promote his art, Oriel uses Instagram (@OR1EL) and Facebook (OR1EL) and sells art worldwide online via his website OR1EL.COM.

Sophocles and Oriel’s mission for Decemberfest was to give artists and art students a major NYC gallery space to exhibit and sell their art while also being able to network with other artists, curators, and art collectors at the same time. Sophocles is an SVA alumni (Cartooning 2011) so he wanted to give back to the art student community and make Decemberfest be a networking event for them too.

Decemberfest is a 60+ artist show.

The featured artists are: @or1el @thais.coelho.artista @leveyofficial  @vee_vees @jonfreeze
@sessology @rfortys26 @maryjaneny @semirocketup @starchasers @gianna.lucia
@kaleidoperson @carlosfgrajeda @theartistjackflo @sssophieroseee @thepourartistnj
@stylevoiced_ra @babyfartmcgee666 @kellyartworld @peachmangojuice @stuffbycamco
@hoesmoke @mimita928 @og_kree @scwaibah @sisterbatwing @justtutiart @marktheartisan
@artmamaheart @schoolstreetarts @yaygoart @bellaartist @harlitos_way
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