Redeemer Downtown LAB presents: MARKED BY BEAUTY, April 2019

Redeemer Downtown LAB presents:
A unique pop-up art and worship event
April 1-3, 2019 at One Art Space in TriBeCa

Curated by Drew Hammell and Lubay Lancelot

One of the core values of Redeemer Downtown, a Redeemer Presbyterian network church, is being “Marked by Beauty”—or, experiencing the undeniable and authentic beauty of God and the gospel, which rings true in our life, practices and aspirations as a church community. This beauty is not merely cosmetic; it is deeply aesthetic and attractional. It pervades the briefest of interactions to the loftiest experiences of gathered worship. It’s this beauty that we seek to embody as we are formed through love and worship. It’s this beauty that we seek to express in our everyday days, as we serve, work and witness our faith.

MARKED BY BEAUTY is a three-day pop-up event hosted by Downtown LAB (a Redeemer Downtown congregation) at One Art Space, a TriBeCa art gallery. The event is focused on art and worship, by showcasing the work of artists connected to the LAB community and encouraging worship in a unique space. Some of the artists attend our church, while others are friends and family members. The goal of the show is to highlight the different ways in which we see beauty in the commonplace and ordinary areas of New York City. We want everyone to notice—and love—the surprising and the unexpected moments in a new and beautiful way.

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Monday, April 1st
Tuesday, April 2nd
Wednesday, April 3rd