Dream BIG!, group art exhibition – Friday, May 31 5-9pm – Saturday, June 1st 3-9pm

Dream BIG! is a group art exhibition featuring the art of 40+ American and international artists at One Art Space, which has hosted the Jack Kirby Museum, 50 Cent, Ice – T and Spike Lee. It celebrates visionary artists who dream of taking the art world by storm. The show is free admission, with an open bar and live music.

The show is curated by Sophocles and Oriel and it is their 6th show at One Art Space. Show hours are Friday, May 31 from 5pm-9pm and Saturday, June 1st from 3pm-9pm.

Sophocles makes what he calls Metro Manga (Subway Comics) every time he rides the subway. On his portable drawing pad, Sophocles captures portraits of real New Yorkers as they commute and makes up fictional Subway Stories to go along with them. He uses a Fude Pen (calligraphy brush pen) to draw comics on white paper and a Uniball Signo white pen to draw manga on black paper. In October 2018 Sophocles took his Metro Manga to the next level by making acrylic paintings on canvas.

sophocles-portraitSophocles is a published author, cartoonist, book illustrator, fine artist, curator and art teacher. He published his books Subway City, Metro Manga Japan, Subway Stories and Sounds of the Subway. He has taught art classes in afterschool programs in NYC and currently teaches cartooning, manga (comics) and Virtual Reality Painting in Manhattan. He has curated shows in Tribeca NYC, the Lower East Side, NYC, Astoria, Queens, and Dumbo Brooklyn and has exhibited art in 40+ art shows. Sophocles’ has been featured on the Brooklyn 12 news, cosmos FM radio station, the Staten Island Advance newspaper, You Me NYC magazine and on blogs online.

Follow Sophocles’ subway adventures on Instagram @sophocles.art and see more of his Cartoons, Comics, Illustrations and paintings on his website www.Sophoclesart.com To contact Sophocles send him a dm on Instagram or email sophotoons@gmail.com

Oriel--portraitOriel Ceballos is a contemporary artist, curator, and educator. He was born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, NY, since the age of seven. He obtained degrees from Brooklyn College, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Teachers College, Columbia University.  However, Oriel did not think of becoming an artist until age 29.  His art invokes cultural, philosophical, and historical themes to foster critical thinking and humanistic ideals — a culmination of his undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of Education, Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology. Through his art, Oriel hopes to engender a critical understanding of art, culture, politics, etc.

Oriel’s technique involves sketching and painting in a semi-realism style mixed with expressionist and impressionist elements. He also employs bright colors, text, symbolic references, and a childlike painting style which leaves negative (white) spaces in his artwork.

Oriel exhibited his art in over 30 group exhibitions; he has illustrated a book and music album cover; has been featured in several short documentaries; interviewed over a dozen times by journalists, and has sold thousands of paintings as a curator and street artist.

To promote his art, Oriel uses Instagram (@OR1EL) and Facebook (OR1EL) and sells art worldwide online via his website OR1EL.COM.

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