iiwii Online museum exhibition, July 25-28, 2019

Our online museum iiwii will be holding the very first exhibition in New York!

Public release Place: One Art Space 23 Warren Street, Streel level Gallery 1, New York, NY 10007
Opening reception: July 25 from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.

iiwii is an online museum where the artist is able to showcase their own artwork to the world. Artist and actor Takumi Bando have created iiwii alongside selective, sharp artists. Adding to the fact that you will be able to see high-quality art any time you please, we will be bringing out a side of art never seen before with the help of 3D/AR technology and the blockchain system.

Exhibition Highlights

The forte of iiwii is that there is an alignment of art that artists can only dream of. AR technology and the blockchain system will become less unknown as time passes, but the art will always call to the essence of the artist. There is “something” that draws the artists essence, and it is here. At our exhibition, of course, there will be paintings and sculptures, but to add to this there is jewelry, illustrations, photographs, pottery, dolls, and costumes. Please enjoy these art pieces that have been sublimated from the stimulation we have felt from culture to art.

takumi-1The curator who leads iiwii , Takumi Bando

Takumi Bando, a Hollywood actor, host of the popular TV series “The Bachelor Japan” and artist himself will be introducing the 10 artists of iiwii to the world!

What would be the best way to spread the existence of iiwii to the world? What place would feel, react to positively, and hold value to the art that we produce? As a business, where would fund and advertise us effectively? Most importantly, what kind of project would spark our enthusiasm? Our answer to this is to hold an exhibition in the heart of the art world, New York. iiwii will take in the air of New York, which will heighten the motivation of our artists and in turn bring more attention to art. Please enjoy this world of iiwii our 10 artists will bring to you.

On July 25th, we will be holding a press presentation. For interviewing or questions, please contact the following.

E-mailing address: info@moriya-art.com
Operating company MORIYAInc.