porttrait-89-277x300I was born almost a month late on Miami Beach in November 1945. I guess I was reluctant to come out. When I did arrive I soon knew why. My father was an adventurous pilot for Pan Am. My mother, the daughter of a minor wall street tycoon and I was seriously ill. Nevertheless, by 1947 we were living in Europe. One night my father dropped me off at a school in Switzerland. He just vanished without saying goodbye. I couldn’t believe it and I went around hysterically searching for him in the little town. This was Calvinist country and when my allergies became uncontrollable in the spring they resorted to beating me every morning.

In 1967 I joined Human Being, an electronic music group. After some success in Berlin, we went off to live in North Africa for a year and were thrown in jail in Madrid when we returned. I later went back to New York and met the painter, Jochen Seidel who ended up hanging himself. Distraught by Seidel’s suicide, I went back to Berlin to study painting with Seidel’s friend Hermann Bachmann. Bachmann’s daughter and I fell in love and I began living with them and going to school with the old man every day. When I graduated I stayed on in Berlin and taught at the school and had a lot of other jobs and commissions.

I came back to live in the Unites States in 1976, got married and had a child, Phoebe. When the marriage broke up in 1978, I went back to Miami; painted, showed and worked in the studio I had built until I returned to New York in 1993.

Having stopped drinking in 2005, I began making UAS’s – unmanned aerial camera platforms and developed three functioning aircraft by 2015.