Secret Essence of Italy presents Sabìr – “Visionary Bridge”, September 12-18, 2019

‘VISIONARY BRIDGE’ a breakthrough series of unique and sophisticated artworks by Luigia d’Alfonso e Ada Perla, Sabìr

Curated by Penelope Filacchione

PORTRAIT-PICTA Sabìr is a unitary whole composed of several canvases called ‘canovacci’. The name chosen by the artists to identify this new form of artwork refers to the language spoken in ancient times in harbors and docks around the Mediterranean Sea. The meticulous and delicate work of juxtaposition and binding carried out with this gauze to integrate the space left by the ‘missing words’ weaves the fragments together and renders a complete narration.

Organic pigments made with moistures from ancient recipes are used to create imaginary abstract patterns and shapes on precious fabric that take the viewer on a visual trip and an emotional journey that catch the imagination in new surprising ways. Pictorial textures that shape thought and silence, impalpable and yet visually powerful tapestries, born from the alchemy of color and friendship that unites their artistic partnership.

Secret Essence of Italy, the innovative cultural project conceived and led by Liria Ingallina, aimed to present in the US the best selection of the most talented and promising Italian Contemporary Artists, marks its debut with a visually stunning exhibition in the core of TriBeCa, NYC.//After a long-lasting prestigious and successful career at the top level in PR and Communication, Liria Ingallina has found a new mission and endeavor in which express her skills and experience, at service of culture and art, in support of talented independent artists to present in America the

New Wave of Contemporary Art from Italy.

‘Visionary Bridge’ – Featured at the prestigious Gallery ‘One Art Space’ in TriBeCa, New York – 23 Warren Street – 10007
VIP, Press & Industry Preview: September 12, 2019 from 6 to 9 pm – Private Event by Invitation Only
Opening to Public and Panel Talk: September 13, 2019 from 6 to 8 pm – Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served after the panel.
General Public Admission: from the 13 through the 18 of September 2019 – Gallery Hours

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Media and Press: Joseph Fraia +1 929 314 4945 –
Elisa Conigliaro +1 718 902 2350 –

Secret Essence of Italy presents Sabìr – “Visionary Bridge” from One Art Space on Vimeo.